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                Begun to take shape Huayin City of Shaanxi Hongfa Mining Co., Ltd. Department of Fujian Hongfa Group Co., Ltd. a wholly owned subsidiary, located in Shaanxi ProvinceHuayin City Industrial Park, bounded by the 310 National Road, West tong Highway, West Zheng high-speed railway, the Longhai Railway south, traffic is very convenient. The company occupies 1,000 acres, now more than 200 million yuan investment to build a plant more than 20,000 square meters, more than 300 production facilities in Taiwan, production technology and management of more than 900 staff can be an annual output of more than 200 million square meters of high-grade stone plate. The company plans to be completed in 2010 II and III of plant construction, a total investment of 500 million yuan, will become the largest in western China stone production and processing bases. The company has 10 high-quality mining, reserves of more than one billion cubic meters, rich white huashanica Ma, Ma Concubine white, California white linen, white Fuji Ma. Product performance and stability, color uniformity, color rich, elegant, unique, rare is expensive stone at home and abroad, for many projects in his capacity as the brand of choice for dignitaries.

               Fujian Hongfa Group Co., Ltd. established the headquarters of the Group "Industry Technology Innovation Center," R & D institutions, gathered a strong team of engineers and technicians with advanced production equipment and strong research and development of technological innovation, product quality reaches the advanced level both at home and abroad. Hongfa currently have granite marble stone mirror plate and singeing, washing, hammering, sand blasting, such as rough cut ax plates, curved panels, parquet panels, as well as the special-shaped wire technology, column blocks, stone carving stone, etc. technology products. Gambling in all parts of the country and India, South Africa, Norway, Finland, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Canada and the United States more than 100 kinds of stone, with its wide variety of high quality, exquisite workmanship, timely delivery, access to domestic and foreign customers , in particular, customers can custom-made products popular specifications to the highest quality products and our well-known across the services.
               Stone design company renowned group of senior professionals in the construction, stone can provide engineering design, construction, installation of one-stop service, with its high-quality, high efficiency and perfect after-sales service and abide by the contract and to win customers, to take the capital, the airport has three Terminal, the Xinhua News Agency News Building, Shenyang Olympic Stadium, renovated Museum of Chinese History, the Central United Front Work Department, the Agricultural Bank of China headquarters, the Supreme People's Court in Guangzhou Convention and Exhibition Center, Shanghai World Expo Main Hall, Xi'an Famen Temple in Shaanxi Province and other senior Building blocks of granite marble indoor and outdoor decoration projects the number of 10 million square meters area.
               Advance Fujian Hongfa Group Co., Ltd., has been greatly cherish the achievements and honors, will continue to carry forward the "quality first, customers first" and the Founding of the "quality, integrity, high efficiency, dedicated" macro made the spirit of dedication Trade and Industry and business friends at home and abroad work together to create brilliant.

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